Activa 1200 STAR DECO Cool Looking Ceiling Fans Grey

Product Summary

The Activa 1200 STAR DECO ANTI DUST Ceiling Fan in Grey is a specialized fan designed to minimize dust accumulation, ensuring cleaner and healthier air in your living space.

The fan features a stylish and modern design in a grey color, adding an aesthetic touch to your room.

₹2,490.00 ₹1,649.00

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Product Description

Cool Looking Ceiling Fans: Elevate your space with the Activa 1200 STAR DECO Ceiling Fan in stylish grey. Experience both form and function in a cool, contemporary design. Activa 1200 STAR DECO Ceiling Fan combines modern aesthetics with exceptional performance. Enhance your room’s ambiance with its sleek grey finish.

Warranty: 2 Years | Fan Size (mm): 1200 | Motor Speed (RPM): 390 | Power Consumption (Watts): 50 | Brand: Activa | Style: Decorative | Color: Grey | Model: STAR DECO ANTI DUST | Corrosion Resistance: Yes

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