Cocoa Serum Infused: Vaseline’s Glow Lotion with 100% Pure Cocoa & Shea Butter for Soft, Radiant Skin.

Product Summary

Nourish your skin with the indulgent Vaseline cocoa serum In Lotion, a lavish fusion enriched with 100% Pure Cocoa and Shea Butter. This revolutionary blend not only delivers deep hydration but also enhances a luminous radiance. Treat your skin to the enriching qualities of cocoa and shea butter, ensuring it is pampered and revitalized.

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Product Description

Cocoa Serum Infused Glow Lotion: Indulge your skin with the Vaseline Cocoa Glow Serum In Lotion, a luxurious blend enriched with 100% Pure Cocoa and Shea Butter. This transformative formula not only provides intense hydration but also promotes a radiant glow. Pamper your skin with the nourishing benefits of cocoa and shea butter, leaving it irresistibly soft and luminous. Elevate your skincare routine and embrace the enchanting power of this  lotion for a truly indulgent experience.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion swiftly hydrates dry skin from the initial use, absorbing quickly without any greasy sensation.

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