Nivea Firming Lotion: Vitamin E Body Milk – 5 In 1 Complete Care for 48H Nourished & Smooth Skin (Very Dry Skin)

Product Summary

NIVEA Vitamin E Body Milk Lotion is a skincare product designed for very dry skin. It offers 5-in-1 complete care, providing 48 hours of nourishment and promoting smooth skin. This lotion likely contains Vitamin E, which is known for its moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties. It aims to address the specific needs of very dry skin by providing long-lasting hydration and improving skin texture.

Overall, it is a solution for individuals seeking intense moisturization and smoother skin for an extended period.

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Product Description

Nivea Firming Lotion: Indulge in the ultimate skincare experience with the Vitamin E Body Milk. This 5 In 1 Complete Care formula offers 48 hours of nourishment and smoothness, specially designed for very dry skin. Nivea’s Firming Lotion brings you the perfect blend of firming benefits, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and deeply moisturized. Pamper yourself with the luxurious touch of this lotion, a daily essential for achieving firmer and smoother skin.

  • Brand: NIVEA, a trusted name in skincare.
  • Scent: Infused with the soothing fragrance of Almond.
  • Item Form: Luxurious lotion for easy application.
  • Active Ingredients: Enriched with nourishing Vitamin E.
  • Net Quantity: Generous 600 milliliters per bottle.

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